WickWërks Standard Cyclocross Chainrings

WickWërks Standard Cyclocross Chainrings


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For those that ride the Road Standard, 130 BCD cranks, here are your CX rings. Made to shift well, and proven in the heat of battle by some of the best.WickWërks chainrings have multiple bridges spread out every three, four or five teeth, providing a fast positive engagement of the chain no matter where in the crank set revolution you’re shifting. WickWërks chainrings have low profile teeth off of each bridge and an angled area above the top portion of each bridge that allow the chain to lean in and mesh smoothly into the next ring during an up-shift. The low profile teeth around the WickWërks chainrings allow the front derailleur cage to physically move the chain past a cut tooth allowing for faster downshifts, especially under load.WickWërks Standard Cyclocross Chainrings are compatible with standard, 130 mm BCD cranksets. Standard BCD chainrings are only available in 46T/38T combination. Sold in a outer/inner pair. Weighs 138 grams.








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