Thorne Products Go No-Go Tire Guage and Bottle Opener

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Product Description

Pro Mechanics and A racers rejoice! No more confusion on allowable tire size. The THORNE go no-go tire gauge will keep you safely within the new mandated UCI tire sizing. This is going to be required equipment for the Pro mechanic from this point out. Machined out of aluminum in the USA, anodized black and handsomely laser etched. 6.5 mm thick to ensure this gauge will not bend or lose tolerance guaranteeing you have this in the toolbox for quite some time. Beveled all the way around so no worries about sharp edges damaging supple sidewalls. This is as far away from a pair of sharp verniers as you can get while maintaining the same exacting precision. On the other end we have a familiar post race item. Use the bottle opener to relax the standards and get a little messy if need be. Without a doubt the best gift for the serious cross racer or their faithful mechanic.



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