Thorne Products Belgian Tubular Tape
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Thorne Products Belgian Tubular Tape


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The Belgian way… Before we begin let us just say that there are lots and lots of methods for gluing tubular tires. This is our method that Stu learned way back when from Bart Wellens father along with a bunch of tweaks that I have incorporated over the years. This is by no means the gospel of gluing, but it works excellent for us. The one time I changed it up, disaster struck. So, take this bit of info and do what you want with it. Its a great way to glue tubulars but it is not the only way. This is the system that nearly EVERY top Euro is using. This tape is used in conjunction with Mastik Glue (sold seperately) to give the tire a stronger contact with the rim. For detailed instructions on how to properly apply and use this product please refer to the tech section of our webpage. One roll does 10 wheels.





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