Niterider Lumina 750 Headlight Solas 40 Taillight Set


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SKU: LI2305

Product Description

The Lumina 750 continues to be one of NiteRider’s best selling lights in the history of the company. It provides enough light that it can be used in just about all riding conditions, whether it be on the road or your favorite mountain biking trail. The Solas has a powerful 2 watt LED, four Modes (2 Flash/2 Steady) and is USB rechargeable.

  • Lumina 750
    – Run Time/Mode: High 750 lumen – 1.5 hours, Med 350 lumen – 3 hours, Low 200 lumen – 5.5 hours, Walk 40 lumen – 18 hours
    – Five Modes: 4 Steady and 1 Flash
    – Perfect for helmet mounting
    – USB rechargeable (cable included)
    – New IntelliCharge function, which charges the battery twice as fast as the normal charge rate when connected to a higher amp AC adapter
  • â‹… Solas 40
    – Run Time/Modes: 18 hours on Flash1, 7 hours on Flash2, 4.5 hours on High Steady, 36 hours on Low Steady
    – Ultra bright 40 lumen output
    – USB rechargeable (cable included)
    – Group Ride Mode: be seen without annoying fellow cyclists
    – Seatpost and seatstay mounts included





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