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Carogna (pronounced car-own-ya) has been tested and is designed to perform flawlessly on any rim material (aluminum, carbon), with any tubular (seamless, handmade, vulcanized sew-ups), on and off-road (cyclocross, mountain bike). Semi-structural and removable on the rim-side: adhesion is guaranteed by industrial-grade acrylic glue, native to the base tape; this means that when removing the tubular (breaking its bond with the rim), the acrylic glue will stay on the tape, not on the rim. Acrylic has a good adhesion on both aluminum and carbon without any specific surface preparation. Permanent on the tubular side: theres a 1 mm-thick layer of a recently-developed permanent glue for underwater applications. This thick glue film will move and spread when the tubular is first inflated, ensuring optimized contact with any tubular base tape geometry. Humidity is obviously not an issue, and this glue adheres well to any kind of base tape material (nylon, cotton, poly-cotton) or external finishing (raw, brushed, or coated by neoprene). Available sizes: Carogna is available in S (16,5 mm wide) and M (25 mm wide) versions, one-wheel (2 m) rolls. Rim width: S is recommended for traditional tubular rims (gluing channel width up to 20,5 mm), M is best for rims with gluing channels over 21 mm of width.



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16.5mm x 2m, 25mm x 2m




Effetto Mariposa

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