Caffelatex Sealant – 1000 ml


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Product Description

Caffelatex sealant is a true innovation in the prevention of punctures and flat tires that can ruin a day of cyclocross. While the benefits of latex sealants have been known for some time, Caffelatex have taken a new approach to this old design that has made it an essential for any cyclocross rider. Caffelatex features a unique foaming agent which, when the wheel is in motion, causes the sealant to expand and fill the entire tire cavity. This foaming action makes Caffelatex more effective against sidewall punctures than other latex based sealants which are pushed to the outer circumference of the tire by wheel movement. Caffelatex will seal punctures up to 3 millimeters wide and has a very large effective temperature range, remaining effective as low as -20 degrees celsius and as high as 50 degrees celsius. Caffelatex is very stable and will remain viable in your tire for longer periods of time. Standard applications call for 50 milliliters of sealant for a standard cyclocross tire, giving you 20 doses out of a standard 1000 milliliter bottle.



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