Curtis & Emma: The White Siblings on Europe


Curtis and Emma White, siblings and supported riders head to Europe for a collection of races. They talk about their schedule, what its like traveling with a sibling and what not to leave home.

Talk about the races. What are your goals?

Curtis: I’m really looking forward to getting back into the fold of European racing.  My last Euro race was the World Championships last season, so I’ve been itching to get back.  I want to be more consistent than I was last year.  I feel like I’ve made a big jump physically from last year, I hope to be racing for the top 10 at the World Cup level.

Emma: This is really the first chance we have had to travel internationally with each other! We are both so fortunate for these opportunities and when we travel together, it makes it less of just a story. We both leave with the memories and it’s fun to share that.

What’s the travel and race schedule for each of you? 

Curtis: It’s finals week right now where I go to school (Union College).  My last exam is the Thursday before Koksijde, depart Friday, land Saturday, and race Sunday before the jetlag sets in.  I’ll have the whole week to acclimate before Hamme-Zogge.

Emma: I am flying out of Newark on Wednesday, November 18 and arriving in Brussels Thursday morning. We are both racing the Koksijde World Cup on November 22, as well as the Hamme-Zogge bpost a week later, on November 29. We will travel to the races with USAC and return to New York on Monday, November 30th.

What’s it like planning a trip like this and sharing it with a sibling?

Curtis: I’m really looking forward to racing in Europe with Emma.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had traveling around and racing abroad, it’ll be great to have my sister along.  I’ll get to teach her everything I know, I know she loves to hear what I have to say…

Emma: With this being my first Euro trip, let alone World Cup, I am planning on taking everything in, and learning as much as I can. I want to see what European cyclocross is all about, and I hope to get improve with every race I do.

What’s on the list to pack for Europe? What won’t you leave behind?

Curtis: Bathing suit.

Emma: Warm clothes! Although it’s starting to get colder at home, Belgium is famous for being cold and rainy.

What are you most looking forward to with this trip?

Curtis: Aside from traveling with my sister… Koksijde is a course I’ve raced on before and done well.  I’ve never race Hamme-Zogge before, but it’s a race I’ve always really enjoyed watching on the screen.  I can’t wait to get on that course and race it.

Emma: I think I am most excited to experience the fans. I had a glimpse of what they were like at road worlds the past couple of years, but everyone says the fans at CX World Cups are like no other.


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