About Us

If you’ve ever glued a Cyclocross tubular, you’ve gained a glimpse of the process –tire stretching, glue application, deliberate care- that determines how well that tire rides over the life of its time on a bike.

That process along with the barrier mounts and dismounts, the off-camber turns, the burning lungs of the first cold October day are currency in our sport.

Founded by Stu Thorne in 1999, Cyclocrossworld has taught the language, deciphered the equipment, organized the events and sponsored the athletes racing at the highest levels of cyclocross. We’ve watched the rise of our world’s numbers and celebrated the growth of cyclocross at every level.

Since Cyclocrossworld began, we’ve watched countless riders take their first laps between the tape, we’ve taken home over thirty National Championship titles and we’ve built the premier cyclocross-focused service course in the country.

In that time, we’ve also learned that personal customer service matters, that history can help to define a better experience and that knowing the little details, the small cultural bits that come with time and racing are what makes for a better season when the races start new again.

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