A Cyclocrossworld.com Holiday Review



‘Twas the Week After Namur

(A Holiday Update)

Twas the Week after Namur and all through the scene..

People were talking about what they had seen….

The Dust of Cross Vegas, now months in the past…

kicked off a fine season, that’s happened quite fast….

Rochester to Gloucester, Valkenburg with Antonneau

Derby City to Jingle Cross, the Green Trailer did go.

On Grifo, on Fango, Limus and Chicane

On Curtis and Stephen dishing out all the pain.

And you loyal fans, with your bottles of Skratch

tuning in online for the clips you can catch.

From the top of the courses, the run ups and the walls

We’ve readied ourselves for the Nationals.

But before heading to Asheville (and later World Champs)

We’re settling in briefly for a holiday nap.

So wishing you well in these days of good cheer

May your days be bright, and filled with cyclocross gear.

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