Thorne Products Wetzikon Aluminum Chainring Guard

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Produced right here in the good ol’ USA, the Wetzikon chainring guards are the best on the market. The Wetzikon rings are made from 2024 alloy. Machined recesses for the chainring bolts give these rings a clean finished look when mounted. The inner edge of the circumference is chamfered so that there is less chance the chain can catch the edge and derail. These guards are thick enough to withstand flexing, yet not so thick that they weigh a ton. Cyclocross chainring guards are not “bash” guards. They are meant to guide the chain and prevent it from falling off. Not to be confused with simple chainguards machined from sheet with sharp edges. These guards have the chamfered edge, the recesses for chainring bolts and they are also tumbled to remove sharp edges. Wetzikon guards are anodized black. Weight approximately 40g.






38T 130 mm Shimano Black, 44T 110 mm Compact, 36T 110 mm Compact

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