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Product Description

The Paul Components Chain Keeper is a guide to keep your chain right where it belongs. Mounted in place of a front derailleur, the Chain Keeper works with single and 1x multi speed drivetrains using a narrow 8,9 or 10 speed chain. The chain block surrounds the chain as it meets the chainring and prevents it from skipping off. Now you can focus on pedaling and not about running your cyclocross bike back to the pits. Designed with adjustability in mind, the Chain Keeper can accommodate a range of chain line measurements and chainring sizes. It clamps around the frame’s seat tube, and we make it available in three different sizes to fit the majority of tubing diameters. If you’re running a single chainring on your cyclocross bike, use the Chain Keeper to stop your chain from flying off when bunny-hopping barriers. It even weighs less than the lightest road derailleurs on the market. Plus you lose the weight of the shifter, cable and housing, which can be substantial



Weight 0.5 lbs



28.6 mm, 31.8 mm, 34.9 mm

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