Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer


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SKU: TR2102

Product Description

The Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer is the perfect workout partner for sprints to intervals to all-day cruising. Quiet. Smooth. And like every Kinetic Trainer, 100% leak-proof. The power calibration gives you true outdoor simulation. The automatic resistance adjusts as you change speeds. Realism as only Kinetic can deliver it. The Road Machine Fluid Trainer features a 6.25 lb. Freewheel for realistic coast down (from 20 miles per hour to zero in 15 seconds) and a sealed fluid chamber with magnetically-coupled driveshaft. It provides smooth, quiet resistance from 5 to 3000 watts. 80 cooling fins quickly dissipate heat build up. Fits wheels from 16″ to 29″ diameter (wheels from 16″ to 22″ require optional adapter).



Weight 150 lbs


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