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The much anticipated Dugast Pipisquallo 33 is the perfect tire for super fast courses that still require you to turn. The Pipisquallo is a blend of Dugast’s legendary Rhino mud tire with the speed of Dugast’s Pipistrello. Turn with extreme confidence when you have to, and go as fast as you can when you’re going in a straight line. The Pipisquallo has been tried and tested in the trenches of European cyclocross and has passed with flying colors. The casings are the same supple material that Dugast has made a name for itself with. Available in 33 mm width. Absolutely no tubulars can be returned after they are glued.Dugast tubbies are truly hand constructed the “old fashioned” way. This produces a tire that is second to none. Andre Dugast started with Dourdoigne in 1952 and branched out on his own in 1974, just three years before Dourdoigne closed their doors forever. He has seen the rise and fall of all the modern champions, and made tubulars for most of them. At its height, the Andre Dugast Company employed 6 people. Today he works alone and is one of the masters of a dying art. Dugast casings define what supple means. In Europe, Top pro’s run these at unthinkable low pressures. A top notch glue job is critical when rolling around the course at 25 psi! Dugast tires are designed for classic European style cross courses. This means grassy fields (generally smooth) with a combination of pavement. Available in 33mm.









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