CycleOps PowerCal Power Meter With Speed/Cadence


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Product Description

Introducing CycleOps PowerCal, the worlds’ first-ever power meter calculated from heart rate. ANT+ compatible, simple to set up and easy to use. So if you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, PowerCal can help get you there. PowerCal is a new kind of Power Meter but the science behind the product has been understood for a very long time. It is well understood that if intensity during exercise increases, the body’s response must also increase to handle the greater output. This relationship between output and response has formed the foundation upon which exercise science has been based. After years of working with the University of Colorado Boulder, CycleOps has been able to analyze ride files, identify patterns which can correlate an athlete’s heart rate (response) to power (output) across real world conditions, and and develop algorithms which translate this correlation. CycleOps taken these algorithms and developed PowerCal, which provides a realtime calculation in watts. By translating HR to power, you can begin to analyze your training in terms of watts, kilojoules, peak power, etc. PowerCal is lightweight, ANT+ compatible and incredibly easy to use. Simply pair PowerCal to any ANT+ display, go for a ride, and then download your data through PowerAgent for analysis. It’s that simple. PowerCal is worn like a heart rate chest strap and sends both power and heart rate signals to the ANT+ display, making it the lightest, most versatile, power meter available. Use the PowerCal with the included CycleOps Speed Sensor, which can be configured to detect speed or cadence.



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