CycleOps PowerBeam Pro ANT+ Trainer



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Product Description

You believe that if you could control the variables of training, you would perform at your highest level. You want software that lets you plan a workout precisely, minute by valuable minute. You want to measure your output compared to your targets. You want the most advanced technology on your side. And you want all the facts before you invest in a trainer. With CycleOps Virtual Training software, you can go online and get access to unlimited courses or create your own courses using GPS data. Bring the world to you and make your next indoor workout your best ever.The CycleOps PowerBeam Pro allows you to precisely control your training by adjusting PowerTap accurate power levels from 30 to 1000+ watts or slopes up to 10%. Take it to the next level with PowerAgent Workout Creator Software to target your personalized power training zones.Strain gauges embedded in the resistance unit give PowerTap accurate resistance control and power measurement.Closed loop resistance control allows you to target and lock in exact power output or slope for precise interval training with instantaneous resistance changes. Workout parameters can be adjusted on the fly with the PowerBeam Pro Console, or pre-programmed with the included PowerAgent Workout Creator.PowerBeam is the only trainer to use PowerTap technology for maximum accuracy.



Weight 150 lbs


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