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Challenge Grifo Team Edition S Tubular


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Product Description

The Challenge Grifo tubulars are the tires that set the standard in cyclocross. Challenge tubulars are handmade tires with super supple sidewalls (similar to Dugast tires). Need tubulars? The Challenge Grifo are the ones you’ll want to have. The NEW Grifo Team Edition S features a pre-sealed 320 TPI Cotton casing, tread is glued onto fully-inflated casing to achieve a neutral tread state when tires are in use. 40mm valve stem and 405 grams. ¬†Absolutely no tubular may be returned that has been glued.

  • PPS flat resistance
  • 320 TPI cotton casing construction saves weight, offers a supple feel and focuses on control and performance
  • Seamless latex inner tube inside to reduce rolling resistance, as well as enhance comfort and speed
  • Handmade, sewn tubular construction
  • Pre-sealed sidewalls
  • Removable core valve stem
  • 700 x 33
  • Absolutely no tubular may be returned that has been glued!







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